Review: Sleeping Beauties

Title: Sleeping Beauties
Author: Stephen King & Owen King
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ¹/₂

In this spectacular father/son collaboration, Stephen King and Owen King tell the highest of high-stakes stories: what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men?

All around the world, something is happening to women when they fall asleep; they become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze. If awakened, if the gauze wrapping their bodies is disturbed, the women become feral and spectacularly violent…

In the small town of Dooling, West Virginia, the virus is spreading through a women's prison, affecting all the inmates except one. Soon, word spreads about the mysterious Evie, who seems able to sleep – and wake. Is she a medical anomaly or a demon to be slain?

The abandoned men, left to their increasingly primal devices, are fighting each other, while Dooling's Sheriff, Lila Norcross, is just fighting to stay awake.

And the sleeping women are about to open their eyes to a new world altogether…

I absolutely loved this book. I had a great experience reading it and I am glad I decided to read it now and not immediately after I bought it.

I had a week off from work when I decided to read this book and it felt great to be able to read it throughout the day instead of cramming as much reading as possible during the night.

The story flows so easily in this, it's like you become a part of this town and you become so attached to them. The good and the bad. It always happens to me with King's books... I get way to attached. I had what I called post book finishing depression and I felt really sad for quite some time after finishing it.
I couldn't quite tell when King's writing ended and his son started. They did quite a good job on this one.

Let's talk setting. So the women start developing caccoons around their bodies if they fall asleep and they won't wake up again. If you do try to wake them up and you're male... well it's not going to be fun for you. All of this started happening after a mysterious woman called Evie came out of a tree in the town of Dooling. She seems to have had a problem with a snake in the past... I wish this was more developed.
The plot for this novel as you can tell, was such a cool idea and I think King did quite a job writing strong female characters.

I absolutely loved Lila! She was strong and resilient but a bit stubborn. Her husband though... my baby Clint I will forever remember this character. He was also a strong character and he managed to stay true to what he believed in throughout the novel.

Also I discovered my least favorite character of all time... What an arse. I really hope you read this book just to discover this poor excuse of a human being.

Another favorite of mine was Evie... I so much wish to read more about her... She was amazing.

I'm not going to mention more characters because, well the book starts with a list of them that takes 2.5 pages. So there's a lot of them. They all play a part in the end result of this book and I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that he did this so well.

The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars was (and this happens all the freaking time with King's books) the ending... I'm sorry but my baby Clint deserved a more fulfilling ending. And I just needed more about Evie.

All in all this book was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

Have you read it?

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