Review: One Way

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Title: One Way
Author: S.J. Morden
Publisher: Gollanzc

Release Date: 10th April 2018

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ONE WAY opens at the dawn of a new era – one in which we’re ready to colonise Mars. But the contract to build the first ever Martian base has been won by the lowest bidder, so they need to cut a lot of corners.

 The first thing to go is the automatic construction… the next thing they’ll have to deal with is the eight astronauts they’ll sent up to build it, when there aren’t supposed to be any at all. 

Frank – father, architect, murderer – is recruited for the mission with the promise of a better life, along with seven of his most notorious fellow inmates. As his crew sets to work, the accidents mount up, and Frank begins to suspect they might not be accidents at all. As the list of suspects grows shorter, it’s up to Frank to uncover the terrible truth before it’s too late.

I have to be honest I almost forgot I had to read this book this month. Once I checked my files I realized I had like 6 days to read it and review it and I have never read a book so fast ahahah

One Way has an interesting premise. In this world, a company which owns some prison facilities, decides that it would be cheaper to use prisioners who were sentenced to life to do their work. How do they manage to get the prisioners to agree? Well you do the time here where you are really confined or you try Mars where you'll live not so confined. Sounds weird right? But read it and it will make sense to you.

Frank gets caught up in this deal. He did something bad in order to keep his family safe and ended up in Mars. He was a really nice character, he was written to be sympathized with, there's no doubt about that. He is hard working and really intelligent. Some of the other characters were nice aswell, but not the guy who was responsible for them (I cannot for the life of me remember his name). That guy was an asshole.

I couldn't really put this book down even though the plot twist was predictable from the moment shit started hitting the fan. I just kept thinking that maybe I was wrong and that maybe there would be another explanation for what was happening. Even though this wasn't the case I was really happy to figure out that I was right after all.

I believe the author did a really good job writing this book. It had two type of entries: one which was the events has they happened, through Frank's poit of view and the second was through e-mails and files and conversations that explained what was happening with the company that sent them there and what were their thoughts as they developed the project. I really appreciated how these two types of entries went with eachother.

Overall this book was really great, it was slow paced to begin with which was normal, since the characters had to do all the training in order to get to Mars, but as they get there the pacing really picks up.

And that ending though...I need a novella to explain to me how that would work. ahah

Have you read this? Does it sounds interesting to you?

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