10 Reasons to: Read

Hello there, I hope you're having a great day.

I believe reading has a theurapeutical effect on some people like myself. It can help us cope, relax among other things. So I decided to compile 10 reasons why I (and other people) read. Let's go.

1. Relaxation - Reading helps my brain unwind. I find that I sleep way better whenever I read before going to sleep.

2. Coping - I suffer from anxiety and it can be quite hard to deal with but when I read I focus on the words on the page and I calm down.

3. You're not alone - This sort of goes with the last one. Depression and Anxiety usually go together and it is common to think that we are alone in whatever we're dealing with. Thankfully nowadays there's book representation of pretty much anything. I remember reading books about people going through depression and thinking that I wasn't alone. That made me feel a bit better. A lot better.

4. It makes you happier - Reading an enjoyable book is the easiest way to feel a bit happier. It can be because of the story itself or because you managed to read that damned 1000+ pages book that you have never thought you could actually finish. Either way you will feel accomplished and a bit happier.

5. It will improve your concentration and memory -  Your brain will thank you for this.

6. You'll always have something to do - If you manage to always carry a book with you, either physical or digital, you'll always have something to kill the time.

7. To develop a language - I tend to read books in english so I can improve my habilities and not forget it since I mainly speak portuguese. It's a great way to not get rusty.

8. You'll become smarter - We always learn something from books, even if it is the smallest of things.

9. Endless conversation starters - You'll always have something to talk about whenever you run out of ideas, also you will manage to get a few new friends in the process.

10. Because it's fun - You are the ultimate master of it. You can make an entire movie in your head while reading. I usually don't care about the authors descriptions when it comes to characters because I tend to associate them with people I already know or have seen before. There's so many types of books you can read, the options are almost limitless.

So why do you read? Let me know!

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  1. YES, I love this post! Reading helps me relax too :)

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