Review: Dark Energy

Source: Goodreads

Title: Dark Energy
Author: Robinson Wells
Publisher: HarperTeen

My Rating:


Five days ago, a massive UFO crashed in the Midwest, killing thousands of people. Since then, nothing–or no one–has come out.


If it were up to Alice, she’d be watching all of this on the news from Miami, Florida. Instead, she’s the newest student at a boarding school not far from the crash site–because her dad is the director of special projects for NASA, and if anything’s a special project, it’s this.


A shell-shocked country is waiting, glued to televisions and computer screens, for a sign of what the future holds. But when the aliens emerge, they’re nothing like what Alice expected. And only one thing is clear: Nothing will ever be the same again.

The premise of this book is amazing the development not so much. I was expecting something completely different and the plot took a damn twist that just ruined everything for me.

I cannot for the life of me remember where this took place believe it or not... I just can remember that they spent some time in New Mexico. I am pretty sure the main character was in Miami when this happened all the rest is fog for me, because the other events of the book took over the necessity of knowing where you were.

Alice - I cannot belive a 16 year old would own a BMW but that's ok. Her character was nice enough even though she seemed too shallow at points. Like she was almost two dimentional.

Kurt - I actually really liked his character, but again there wasn't any layers to him. He was just a teenager who developed a crush.

Alice's roomates - I don't even believe they were really all that important in the plot but they were cool I guess.

Suski & Coya - Little Spoiler: they're aliens. They were very difficult to form an oppinion on until about halfway through the book. Right before the action starts I think.

Alice's Father - Works for Nasa and is the only reason Alice is even allowed to set foot near the spaceship. He doesn't really behaves like a father... more like a friend from school which you really like but only got to see every now and then.

The thing with this book was the plot twist. I didn't mind the freaking teenager drama and romance and all that jazz if it had sticked with the plot that delivered from the beginning. But after that plot twist I was like MEH. This was not really well developed, maybe if it was longer and we got to connect more with the characters and surroundings it would feel better I think.

I gave it 3 stars because it was enjoyable yes but not remarkable. I would recommend it anyway because I would love to hear some other perspectives on it.

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