Review: The Night Film

Source: Goodreads

Title: Night Film
Author: Marisha Pessl
Publisher: Windmill Books

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Everybody has a Cordova story. Cult horror director Stanislas Cordova hasn't been seen in public since 1977. To his fans he is an enigma. To journalist Scott McGrath he is the enemy. To Ashley he was a father.

On a damp October night the body of young, beautiful Ashley Cordova is found in an abandoned warehouse in lower Manhattan. Her suicide appears to be the latest tragedy to hit a severely cursed dynasty.

For McGrath, another death connected to the legendary director seems more than a coincidence. Driven by revenge, curiosity and a need for the truth, he finds himself pulled into a hypnotic, disorientating world, where almost everyone seems afraid.

The last time McGrath got close to exposing Cordova, he lost his marriage and his career. This time he could lose his grip on reality.


This book messed me up so badly I am still not recuperated from it... and not in a good way.

So this book is about a journalist investigating the apparent suicide of the daughter of a very known movie director. So far so good right? But it gets even more twisted! There may or may not be dark magic, murders and some seriously messed up people...
All of this got me really excited and there's really nothing wrong with the plot itself. It's the ending that pisses me off.

Night Film was like a rollercoaster in reverse... it started really well and ended poorly. In my opinion of course.

This book was set majorly in New York. I really enjoyed the setting even though it wasn't really developed. You knew you were there but the main focus was on what was happening and not where it was happening. I was ok with that actually, because when it comes to thrillers/suspense books it's really what's happening that matters.

When it comes to characters I really enjoyed them and I could really appreciate the lack of romance between them (besides a little incident at almost the end of the book).

Scott McGrath - He's the journalist and the narrator of the book. He has a background with Cordova (Ashley's father) and that motivates him to investigate Ashley's suicide. He doesn't mind if he ends up clearing his name and disgracing Cordova in the process. He's a man of money and he uses it to get the information he wants from people. I really liked his character.

Nora - One of Scott's "partners" in this investigation. She came across very annoying and her acting skills are quite bad. She was ok in my book but not my favorite.

Hopper - I really disliked him. He really rubbed me off in the wrong way and I can't even say why because his actions make sense with what he has been through.

Ashley - The victim. I can't even say if I like her or not because at the end of the book you can't actually confirm with 100% certainty that she was sick physically or spiritually. And this mades all the difference when it comes to judge her personality.

Cordova - The mystery of this book.

When I first finished this book I gave it 4 stars, but I have lowered it to a 3.5 and let me tell you I would have lowered it more but since I have enjoyed myself through 90% of the book I don't think it would be fair to do so.

I am pissed, I am seriously pissed because I was hoping to get all my answers and I got none pretty much.

How can you build up such a thriller, such suspense to end like that? With no freaking answers?? Granted, the question of Ashley's suicide was answered but what actually became the main focus, her dad, was left an open question. And that my friends, is not ok.

Also I was left in such a hangover from this book... I'm not sure I will come back from it. I think I will always look at it on my shelves and be pissed at it. Oh well...


  1. Oh no! This sounds like it would certainly be too much for me. Great review, and thanks for the heads up regarding the content!

    1. If you think it's still up your alley please read it you may have a different point of view on it :)