Review: My Sister Rosa

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Title: My Sister Rosa
Author: Justine Larbalestier
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

My Rating:

What if the most terrifying person you'd ever met was your ten-year old sister?

'I promise,' said Rosa. 'I won't kill and I won't make anyone else kill.'

I can't see the loophole. Since the guinea pig there's been nothing. Months now without Rosa killing as much as a mosquito.

As far as I know.

Che Taylor has four items on his list: 1. He wants to spar, not just train in the boxing gym. 2. He wants a girlfriend. 3. He wants to go home. 4. He wants to keep Rosa under control.

Che's little sister Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and so good at deception that Che's convinced she must be a psychopath. She hasn't hurt anyone yet, but he's certain it's just a matter of time. And when their parents move them to New York City, Che longs to return to Sydney and his three best friends. But his first duty is to his sister Rosa, who is playing increasingly complex and disturbing games. Can he protect Rosa from the world - and the world from Rosa?

What a freaking hell ride! Having Rosa for a sister would drive me crazy for sure.

When I first started reading this book I thought I would love it and that it would be full of scary Rosa moments, but it wasn't... This book is absolutely about Che and not enough about Rosa. I found it a bit disappointing because of that but it was mostly my fault because I really didn't read the synopsys.

The plot was actually quite good. It started on a good note with its own little dramas but it got really slow in the middle of the book. It seemed that for a good part of the book nothing really happened which drove my interest down.
At the end though... it picked up so fast! Everything happened all at once and it was exciting and I flew through the last 50 pages or so. I must admit that the ending did leave me super unsatisfied though. I need to know how everything olds up in the end. Did Sally find her peace? Did Che manage to get away from his sister? What happened to Rosa when she got older? I need answers people.

This book was set in NYC, and the author made such a great job describing it. I mean I think she did since I have never been in New York, but I could invision it so well through her writing that to me, I might aswell have been there.
I don't believe the setting made any difference in the plot though, this could have all taken place in Miami and it would be the same. By the way I'm not criticising, I'm just saying that the setting had no effect on the plot.

Che - Yes, he's named after Che Guevara and he does know who Che was. He is the sweetest boy, his parents really don't pay enough attention to him, not that he minds, and he is dorky and has acne like a regular teenage boy. He is my favorite character from this book. Everthing about him was likeable.

Rosa - The devil's spawn. She is a typical psychopath and the worse is she knows how to play people to the max.

Sally & David - Che's and Rosa's parents. Sally's completely oblivious to everything and David is a monster. They don't like to be called "mom & dad".

Leilani - daughter of Sally & David's best friends, sister of Maya & Seimone. At first I really didn't like her. She seemed too judgemental and arrogant, but as Che broke through her defensive layer I got to see a sweet girl who was very protective of her siblings.

Maya & Seimone - Leilani's sisters. Maya was so sweet, I absolutely loved her. Seimone on the other end was very influenceable.

Sojourner - Che's love interest. I really like her. She is african american (he's a white blonde boy by the way) and it was a breath of fresh air. I absolutely adored they love and how they put their differences aside to be together. She became a real disappointment though.

I must mention another character that was quite interesting aswell.

Elon - Elon's not a boy nor a girl. Elon doesn't have the need to be defined and I loved it. Elon is Leilani's friend.

I need to mention a couple more things about this book.

Christianity was approached by the author and I must say she succeeded completely. There were no fanatics and their definition of right and wrong was on point. Also this book is hella diverse. There's different etnicities, different sexual preferences and I believe they were so well inserted in the book. Nothing seemed forced.

Why did I rate it 3.5 stars then? It dragged and as I said before it ended up being more about Che than about Rosa. Also I need answers!
It was really interesting though but I won't be rereading it anytime soon.

What about you? Have you read this book?

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