Review: Lunarbaboon

*This book was sent to me via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review*

Source: Goodreads

Title: Lunarbaboon
Author: Christopher Grady
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

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Explore the daily struggles and humor of family life with Lunarbaboon. He’s just like any other dad--but vaguely hairier because he’s half man/half moon monkey.

Lunarbaboon shares life's parenting moments from the perspective of a 30-something dad/husband/chaos survivor. Together with the savvy, laid back Mom, wild child Moishe, baby Matilda, and a former Julliard student (their cat), Lunarbaboon must navigate the family and social dynamics of everyday life. Ranging from the hilarious (defeating closet monsters with a “stun” blaster that offers surprising facts about bears, Mars, and cats) to the sweet (the gray scale-to color transition out of depression at the touch of a loved one), this collection explores the bonds within a family and all the characters who bring both order and chaos to life.

Lunarbaboon’s perfect meld of crabby humor and moments of impactful honesty give these comics a wide range and distinctive voice that’s both comical and sincere.

I absolutely loved this collection of comics OMG. I was expecting something that sounded borderline complaining of what was like to have kids but no, this was actually a collection of little moments that made having kids, fun!

It was so funny, it started with the kid asking his dad why a man looked a certain way, the dad quickly answered that the man had a deformity and it was unpolite to stare... the thing is, the man's deformity was having abs aahahaha
Another cool one was when they saw two men kissing and the kid thought it was weird... because one was a star wars fan the other one a star trek fan...

The artwork is very simplistic, with the pops of colour here and there, but this artstyle really fits with the concept of this collection for some reason. The comics are so good that they don't need to be super neat and perfect to make you enjoy it.

I will absolutely show this book to everyone I can because it was really so easy and fun to read. I'm sure I'll re-read it a bunch of times through my life.

Plus, I need to check this author's other books.


  1. Oh my goodness yes! This sounds amazing and I need more comics in my life.

    I'm in the Beat the Back List challenge too btw. But I'm a loyal Badger :P

    1. You should read this! It's really good.

      I will try to do a recommendations on comics soon enough.

      How are you doing on the challenge?