Review: The Auctor Trilogy

*The author sent me this book in exchange for a honest review*

Source: Goodreads

Title: The Auctor Trilogy
Author: T.R. Wolf
Publisher: Self-Published

My Rating:

When seventeen-year-old Addie Auctor’s mother is murdered by her father, she must confront many secrets that her family has hidden from her. The worst of these secrets is that Addie’s father, Donovan Hawthorne, is still hunting Addie because of an ancient blood feud between her mother’s family, the Auctors, and her father’s family, the House of Hawthorne.

In order to be protected from the House of Hawthorne, Addie and her brother, Augustus, are sent to Initiation at an exclusive University, the Wicked Cabal. Initiation is nothing like Addie expects. She is immediately separated from Augustus and thrown in with four complete strangers – Fallon, Maddox, Liam, and Tempe.

Addie must try to forge friendships with her fellow Initiates while they solve clues, battle mystical creatures, and explore increasingly dangerous places. Readers of all ages will love this adventure filled with suspense, treachery, and romance.

First of all I would like to thank the author, T.R. Wolf for the opportunity to read this book.

When I was approached about this book, I read the synopsis and thought to myself: this is most likely going to be good. And it was.

The Auctor Trilogy starts the exact way I like my books to start, with a bang. You get thrown right into the action and as Addie, you have no idea what's happening or why.

Before I start talking about the plot and the characters I need to say that the main focus of this book is the initiation process and not the mystery surrounding the Auctor trilogy. Don't be sad though, I'm sure there's going to be another book going into depth about it. And let me tell you, I sort of struggled with this because I felt disappointed that the main mystery of this book wasn't solved, but now after giving it sometime to let it sink, I kind of like it that way because that only means there's going to be more to look for.

The plot for this book was well developed and you can tell that the author had a very defined idea when it comes to it. I really enjoyed how things progressed thoughout the novel and when I finished I found myself wishing it was a bit longer because I NEED ANSWERS.

The characters and their dynamic were so amazing. I absolutely loved how they interacted with eachother and how cohesive they were. They understood that they needed to be a real team to be able to finish the initiation process and pretty much acted like family for the whole three weeks. I particularly loved Tempe because she seemed like such a strong female. She spoke her mind and was always caring for everybody, trying to make the group take decisions with everybody's best interests in mind. I really liked Fallon in the beginning because he seemed to make the right decisions even if they weren't necessarily the most correct ones, but he ruined everything for me at the end. Maddox I really dislisked and Liam was ok, sweet but not memorable. Augustus, Addie's brother, got on my nerves so much ahah.

This being said there were some issues that justify my 3.5 rating. I really didn't like the fact that Addie was the typical "I'm such a plane Jane, but in reality I'm really cute and boys actually notice me, I'm just too shy to notice them" kind of thing. Also the insta love really was a issue for me, expecially since Maddox chose to show Addie his feelings by being a complete idiot towards her. Addie's relationship with her brother was also kind of problematic since he seemed to be the boss of her. It was like she couldn't do anything without his permission.
The initiation process barely had anything to do with magic... It had to do with survival and that didn't really make sense to me. To get into a school for magic, all you have to do is survive in the woods for three weeks and solve some puzzles that have nothing to do with magic (or barely have). I do understand that at that point they can't/don't really know much about magic. But they did know some spells but they barely used them. Know what I mean? And Addie, not knowing anything about magic, seemed to master every spell she tried with pretty much all the ease in the world.

This has nothing to do with the rating I gave, but there were some mistakes and phrases that needed work. But I must admit that I admire T.R. Wolf so much for self publishing this book and following her dreams.

This being said, I really enjoyed this book and I'm already missing some of the characters. Can't wait to read the next one and hopefully, find out what the hell is going on with the Auctor Trilogy.