Review: Sweet Tooth Vols 1 - 6

Source: Goodreads

Title: Sweeth Tooth
Author: Jeff Lemire
Total Vols: 6
Publisher: Vertigo

Overall Rating:

Jeff Lemire's acclaimed new series introduce Gus, a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid who was raised in isolation following a pandemic that struck a decade earlier.

Now, with the death of his father, he's left to fend for himself . . . until he meets a hulking drifter named Jepperd, who promises to help him. Jepperd and Gus set out on a post-apocalyptic journey into the devastated American landscape to find 'The Preserve,' a refuge for hybrids.


Ok now with the review.

When I first started reading this graphic novel, I was a bit put off by its art. The drawing style was really not my thing, since I found it a bit poorly drawn, for lack of a better word.
With time though, and as the plot became more and more complicated and interesting I began to love the art style and let me tell you it fits the story completely.

The plot blew my mind several times with its ups and downs and loops and curves and I don't even know how to explain it. I just had no idea where it was going and I loved it.

I had one issue with this though... There were inconsistencies with Gus' age and it nagged me a bit.

The characters were amazing, let's see:

Gus: I LOVE HIM TO PIECES. He's a perfect little boy ok? He's doing what he can with what he has and he never gives up nor does he ever fail his friends.

Jepperd: Has several issues, but when he puts something in his mind he goes through with it even if it gets him killed. Mostly because he doesn't care and he's afraid of nothing.

Dr. Singh: I just dislike him so much you have no idea. Hiding behing science, Singh justifies everything bad he has ever done with the excuse of just trying to find a cure. Despicable, but he did repent his sins.

Abbot: Poor excuse of a human being. Hate him with every fiber of my body.

Other Hybrid Kids: I know they all have different personalities, but as a whole they were the sweetest thing ever. I loved their stories and how they all became a family through love and necessity.

To me Sweeth Tooth isn't about fiding where the hybrids came from and how to stop the disease which is killing all human beings, but rather the story of a little boy, who through adversity and sacrifice created a new family for himself and a better world for all the ones he loved dearly.

I absolutely loved this graphic novel and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good heart touching story. The only downside to Sweet Tooth is that it will break your heart and leaving you wanting more.

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