Review: Dark Matter

Source: Goodreads

Title: Dark Matter
Author: Blake Crouch
Publisher: Crown

My Rating:

“Are you happy with your life?” Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious. Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits. Before a man Jason’s never met smiles down at him and says, “Welcome back, my friend.”

In this world he’s woken up to, Jason’s life is not the one he knows. His wife is not his wife. His son was never born. And Jason is not an ordinary college physics professor but a celebrated genius who has achieved something remarkable--something impossible.

Is it this world or the other that’s the dream? And even if the home he remembers is real, how can Jason possibly make it back to the family he loves? The answers lie in a journey more wondrous and horrifying than anything he could’ve imagined—one that will force him to confront the darkest parts of himself even as he battles a terrifying, seemingly unbeatable foe.

It has been a while since I read an adult book that I have enjoyed this much.I didn't care if I had chores to do, or people to see, I had to force myself to stop reading because I had work in the morning. It was that good.

The concept for this book is so gripping and thrilling that I know for sure I will still be thinking about it in years to come. It made me feel emotional not only for the characters but also because it made me think about my own life and what would have been if I had made different choices in the past.

Dark Matter took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. It made me curious, happy, sad, desperate, fearful and geez "what would I do if I was faced with not seeing my family ever again?".

Let's talk characters:

Jason1 (you'll understand the term once you read the book): I absolutely loved him. He was so well written that I was feeling his emotions as I read the book. Loveable, thoughtful, persistent and very intelligent. (And I may or may not have made him really hot in my mind)

Daniela: The best character(s) of this book. How can a person be so loving and understanding as this woman beats me. I have fell in love with her through Jason's eyes several times during this book.

Amanda: Interesting, still believe she had a thing for Jason2 and that's why she helped Jason1 in the first place. She did disappoint me with the final decision she made, but I did like her for standing by and helping Jason1 get in the right track.

Jason2: This poor excuse for a human being... I can't be that mean to him because I do understand why he made the choices he made but come on... You need to deal with your choices and not try to "overwrite" them.

The plot as I said before was perfect. It was so beautifully written and developed that my only complaint is that the book should be a bit longer so I would get a more satisfying ending. I can't be left to imagine what happened, I need to know how they are doing, I NEED CLOSURE. I need to know what lies behind that door and how what was left behind was delt with.

Other than the ending, I have absolutely nothing but love for this book. It was brilliant and I can't wait for it to become a movie.

P.S.: That plot twist though! Brilliant!


  1. I've been seeing this book around the blogsphere for a while now...I'm glad you liked it! And I love plot twists <3 Great insightful review ^^


    1. Thank you, I absolutely loved this book and I hope you get to read it soon enough :)