Get to know me tag

Hello there! I saw this tag floating around and I decided to do it, just for the fun and also to share a bit of myself with you guys.

I wasn't tagged by anyone but it does not matter, we shall do it anyway.

Name: Elisa
Nicknames: Lii; Lisa; Lisas
Birthday: May 1st
Star Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Cashier

Hair colour: Dark Brown
Hair length: Longish
Eye colour: Brown
Best Feature: I have no freaking idea, I think I don't have one :/
Piercings: I have my two ears pierced.
Tattoos: 2 feathers on my back and one on my arm... I love feathers.
Right or Left: Right

Best Friend: Bruna from preschool. I can't remember having one in kindergarten.
Award: I don't know if this counts but I used to receive this diplmas from having good grades up until 9th grade.
Sport: I used to swim until I was about 13.
Real Holiday: Haven't had one.
Concert: Lady Gaga back in 2010... I cried my eyes out.

Film: Oh Snap... I would say that up until now it's Deadpool.
Tv Show: CSI... all the way!
Colour: Lavender
Song: I don't have a favorite song, I go through periods, for instance at the moment my favorite song is by Kygo and it's Stole the Show.
Restaurant: Nagoya... freakin' sushi is the best.
Shop: I don't have a physical shop that I like best, but my favorites online are The Book Depository and Awesome Books.
Books: I need to reread it but it's "The Book of Lost Things" by John Connolly.

Feeling: Mentally exausted. Work is killing with its bad environment.
Single or Taken: Happily in Love.
Eating: Last thing I ate was a square of Milka Caramel chocolate.
Thinking About: How I need to find another job ASAP.
Watching: I'm not following any tv shows at the moment, but I need to catch up with Criminal Minds and The STrain.
Wearing: Pajamas.

Want Children: I would love to have 2 or 3 babies (if the labor is not as hard and painful as it seems ahah)
Want to be Married: Yes, just for the sake of eating wedding cake and wearing a wedding dress, other wise I don't exactly feel the need to do it and also I don't see myself having the money to afford a freaking wedding.
Careers in Mind: Careers? Well, I have none. All I want is a job I like and that pays well.
Where You Want To Live: I don't mind living in my country, all I want is a big house with somekind of reading nook.

God: I believe in a something superior I don't want to define it as God because to different cultures there's diferent gods you know? And who's to say that the one I was introduced to is "the real" one?
Miracles: Coincidences maybe.
Love at First Sight: Nope.
Ghosts: Energy that can materialize itself sometimes? Yes.
Aliens: Who am I to say that we are the only living beings in the universe?
Soul Mates: Yes I do.
Heaven: Not exactly sure.
Hell: Again not sure.
Kissing on the First Date: with a total stranger? No. With someone who you have been friends with for a while and decided to go on a date with and realized you like him/her? Than yes.
Yourself: Not really. I have low self esteem unfortunately,, but hopefully one day.

Thank you if you managed not to get bored to death while reading this!

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  1. Found this post! Thank you so much for tagging me :) I will be sure to do this soon!! Your tattoos sound beautiful, and I am sure you do have a best feature. I also love lavender

  2. Missing your posts! its been awhile, I wanted to let you know I tagged you in the Infinity Dreams Award Tag up on my blog :D