Oh book slumps... my arch-enemy.

I cannot even begin with how many times I have had them and how many times I have felt like a failure because of them.

Since they happen so often to the majority of us I decided to share my top 10 tips to try to cure a book slump.

      1. Re-read a favorite.

Re-reading a favorite book may bring back that little thing inside your head that makes you want to read all the books. Think about it, the book is a favorite for a reason right? You loved it, so you will enjoy reading it again and you will most likely devour (if it applys) the rest of the series in no time.

      2. DNF  a book.

Are you in a book slump because of the book you are currently reading? If so put it down.
If it is taking you a month to read a very uncomplicated and short book it may be because you are not enjoying it. The book simply is not made for you, so why force yourself to read it? Yes I know we can sometimes be a little OCD when it comes to finishing books (MUST.READ.ALL.THE.PAGES.) but if you are suffering through it, then it's not worth it and you will finish it and not want to pick up a book anytime soon.

     3. Watch some booktubers.

Sometimes you just need to see other people be enthusiastic about books in order to rekindle your passion for them. Some of my favorites include Problems of a Booknerd, Aprilius Maximus, Pad foot and Prongs, Little Book Owl, Hails Hearts NYC and Peruse Project.

     4. Graphic Novels

Have you tried picking up a graphic novel, some comics or even manga? They read through in a minute and they have illustrations which makes you feel more involved in the world. 

     5. Novellas/Short Stories

Novellas and Short Stories are a must for getting rid of a book slump. They are incredly short which means you read them quite fast and after you see your goodreads reading progress jump like 5 books in about 2 days you will feel reinspired to pick up a regular size novel (or a massive one if that suits you).

     6. Buy or pick up a book from the library.

Sometimes we are just bored with the choices we have at home. We feel limited and that can drive you to simply stop reading.
This is easily fixable, just go to your local bookstore, or a online store or even the library which is free (major points here) and rent/buy a new book that you have been dying to read. Go home and enjoy it.

     7. Try a Audiobook.

Personally I can't deal with audiobooks, they just seem way weird to me for some reason but if you are accustomed to them then they can help you. Think about it, you are not actually reading, you are listening to it while you can do whatever the hell you want. Driving, cleaning, resting, writing...

     8. Buddy reading

If you are stuck with the feeling of 'I wanna read but I really don't want to read' try getting a friend to read a book with you. You can discuss it with them while you read which can get you motivated to read more.

     9. Read reviews online

Try going to your bookshelf pick up a book that you really want to read but have no will to and go online to read reviews about it. They can get you intrigued enough to actually pick it up and give it a go.

     10. Give it a rest

Sometimes we can't read a book because we are genuinely exausted. Have you been sleeping well? Working/Studying too hard? Then maybe what you need is to get a good night's sleep. Go ahead take an afternoon for yourself, have a relaxing bath and watch some movies and try picking that book up again when you feel better.

So these are my top 10 tips to cure a book slump. Have you had one? Have you tried one of these? Let me know in the comments.

Happy readings!


  1. great tips! I was recently in a slump so I reread a favorite and it worked. Definitely my go to tip when I am in a reading slump

  2. whenever i have a book slump, i just stop reading because reading makes me hate it even more (sad, right?) but watching booktubers definitely helps! i love their enthusiasm even if i don't end up reading anything. i find watching tv shows instead rather refreshing too. great post!

    1. Taking a break sometimes it's what we need. And I agree tv shows can also help :)