Series I want to Finish this year

There's a couple of series that I have been pushing and pushing do they don't end because I like them so much or I'm really not emotionaly prepared to finish, but that has to end.

So here are some series that I will finish this year... hopefully.

Series: Harry Potter
Author: J. K. Rowling

This series is known buy probably 75% of the people in the world but I haven't read them all. I know, I know... How is that possible? It just is really.
I never had the desire to read it while I was growing up, and only now developed the need to know what the hype was all about. I must say that after reading 2 books I am super excited and amazed by this series, I cannot wait to read the rest of it.

Series: Chaos Walking
Author: Patrick Ness

The first book of this series completely destroyed me in ways I didn't know possible. That's why it has taking me ages to get back to it.
The sad part is that I really want to read them but I'm actually afraid that I will cry more and end up sobbing like a baby. But my fears will be faced this year and I will finish this series once and for all. I actually cannot wait to continue... Oh Manchee...

Series: Splintered
Author: A.G. Howard

This series actually comes as a surprise to me, as in, How the hell have I not finished this?? The thing is I liked the first book quite a bit and I'm afraid to be disappointed by the rest of the books. There's only one way to fins out though... So this year I must finish this series!


  1. I also want to read the Chaos Walking Trilogy and the Splintered series. I think, though, that I will be able to listen to the splintered series this year, but I have my doubts over the Chaos Walking trilogy. I need to get it first. You definitely should finish the Harry Potter books. They are amazing!

    1. I will, and you should really get into the Chaos Walking trilogy!