2015 Resolutions

Hey there! I know I'm about 9 days late for this but there's always time to come up with resolutions for the year right?
So I've come up with some bookish resolutions that I will turn into challenges and I will try to make them happen and let you know how I'm doing (if possible) through a page I'm creating called '2015 Resolutions' (like it could be named something else haha).

So this year I want to:

  • Read 50 books (at least - including graphic novels);
  • Make 3 post per week;
  • Read 4 books per month (at least);
  • Review ALL the books I read this year (including graphic novels);
  • Be more active on other blogs;
  • Finish 5 or more book series (I have so many to finish Dear God);
  • Keep up with the books I was asked to review.

I think these are some good resolutions for this year right? Not too many or anything. If I end up coming up with something else I will add it on my '2015 resolutions' page.

As I said I will have a page on which I will let you know how I'm doing on these resolutions/challenges as I'm making my way through them.


  1. This are some great resolutions! It's really never too late. Plus, better late than never. I love that they are simple and pretty achievable. I hope you do manage to tackle all of them. Good luck! And have a great year!

  2. Love your resolutions! Mine are basically the same! I hope we both succeed! Love your blog, btw! It's so cute!

  3. Thank you all so very much, you are very sweet. I hope we can all succeed!! :)