Book To Movie: The Hunger Games & Catching Fire

Source: Google Images

My Thoughts

As per usual I read the books before seeing the movies. And I can say that these movies did not disappoint. From the cast to the actual plot, these were quite truthful to the books, at least as much as they could be.

When it comes to the hunger games, I absolutely loved it, the movie was intense, and it almost made me forget about the differences it had from the book (and I say almost because I would eventually say aloud things like 'On this part, in the book, they did it like this...'), but Jennifer Lawrence did such a good work portraying Katniss, that I immediately became her fan.
I must admit that I was a little reticent when it came to Josh portraying Peeta but at the end of the movie I could not imagine it being in any other way.

Now, Catching Fire was a different experience. I didn't really enjoy the beginning of the book because I thought it was a bit slow for my taste, but the movie, made it way better. Again the cast choice for this movie was very good, and I loved how they tried to stay true to the book.

All in all these adaptations do justice to the books and I really enjoyed watching them.

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